Friday, 20 November 2015

Successful Search Engine Optimisation: Get noticed on the web.

Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance; the 5 P's of success.

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It's all good and well to decide to finally take up writing, but it's not really very productive if no one is accessing our various platforms. 

So, as part of my R&D for this new adventure, I decided I should look into successful blogging; and the processes of Search Engine Optimisation.  After all, I can't ignore the 5 golden P's of success.

The keys to success (apparently);

If you are just starting out in the world of on-line publishing, no matter what your platform or what your message is you need to get it noticed.  You need to Optimise your work for best noticability.  

You need to be seen.

Otherwise, why bother.

I'm new to this game too.  And, let me tell you it's a steep learning curve.  Trying to work through the landmine of information about SEO.

To get started I decided I should take a look at what the professionals are doing and see if I could find a few key pages with great tips on blog structure and SEO procedures.  

I discovered 'bloggercentral'; a great place to start, with a really informative article 5 actionable Tips to Prime Your Blog for Success and there was also 'Backlinko'.

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Bloggercentral includes heaps of external links for specific information on such things as social media management tools, which I had not thought about, so thanks BS for the great tips.

The backlinko blog site was very useful, with the article "21 actionable SEO techniques you can use right now" brimming with techo information for the technically advanced people out there, 

[well more advanced than me-which probably is not that advanced at all, haha ;)]

No reason to not succeed !!!

So if you clicked the links above you will have a basic idea of the key elements and tools for creating the worlds most amazing blog that people will read and hopefully subscribe to, right? [hint, hint :)] 

But don't forget you are not likely to gain mega stardom and fame overnight, like most things we do in life you need to work at it, and,  you get better with practice. 

So go write your article, make sure your content links up with your article title put in as many relevant tags as possible and see where it takes you.

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On writing for a living...

Personally, I feel that writing is an organic process and as such you develop your style and rhythm as you go. 

So I am not too concerned that my work (you can check out my FREE Manifesto HERE) is not a slick and professional piece of literary genius.  

I'm not entirely sure that's what I am after anyway.  Slick has never really been my forte, so I don't see why I should start now. 

No, I think rustic, with a few bent up edges is more my style, like an old piece of tin. Even so, the elusive formula for success can not be ignored, so I will continue to review the vast pages of information available on-line and slowly develop the skills needed to make this blog a success.  

I will post any other sites I find useful in future blogs.

With patience and persistence all things are possible; you just have to believe in yourself and never give up.

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