Monday, 30 November 2015

Robyn Williams has moved to wordpress

Robyn Williams has left the building...

If you have stumbled upon my Robyn Williams Writes blogger site, then that makes me very happy.  It means I am gaining SEO visibility.  hahaha.

In my quest to conquer the internet ;)  I have started using WordPress.  I know, WordPress is so much harder to get your head around.  But in the end it actually is a more advanced medium for blogging.

So I am giving it another crack.

Perhaps in the future I will find it just too annoying and return to my good old faithful blogger.

But until then

you can find me at robynwilliamswrites .

until we meet again

stay safe.

Robyn Williams

Sunday, 22 November 2015

(5) Five Tips to Driving Safely and Considerately

Yesterday while I was at work I came perilously close to driving over the back of a small car that decided to cut in front of me .

Now, I'm a pretty good driver, and I could see this person was about to cut in front of me, so no incident occurred.

However, It did prompt me to want to write about it and share some insights with you.

I'm a professional driver. So, I'm on the road allot.

As a means to make ends meet and help support my family I drive buses for a private school in our district.  (It has to be one of the best jobs I have ever had).

Now, as a professional, I have a set of standard that I like to work by.  Not least of which is to ensure my passengers and my vehicle are returned back to school in the same condition they left in.

This means, absolutely no road incidents/accidents.

These days, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up my end of this “agreement” I have with myself.

I feel that things are getting worse not better.  

Indeed, I worry that it is only a matter of time before I AM involved in some form of motor vehicle incident.  

Though I will do my darnedest to avoid it.

Why do I think it's a matter of time?

Well, let me explain.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Let me love you

If you would let me love you one more moment.
You'll never want to let me get away.
You'd walk across a desert of hot ashes.
And hold me once again in loves true sway.

I never meant to love you; it just happened.
Like the sunrise casts the light on a new day.
She doesn't; won't.  
She can't; she don't,
Love you like I do; in any way.

Choose me.  Choose me.  
Choose me.  Choose me.

The smell of you; still lingers on my pillow.
The taste of you; still burning on my lips.
If I could only hold you 'till the morning,
I'd rock you to the centre of your bliss.

I never meant to love you; it just happened.
Like the sunrise casts the light on a new day.
She doesn't, won't.  
She can't, she don't,
Love you like I do in any way.

Choose me.  Choose me.  
Choose me.  Choose me.

Two satellites collided without notice.
The waves of shock exploded 'cross the sky,
an avalanche of burning fury rages,
a forbidden love will grow but slowly die.

I never meant to love you; it just happened.
Like the sunrise is the start of a new day.
She doesn't; won't.  
She can't, she don't,
Love you like I do in any way.

Choose me.  Choose me.  
Choose me.  Choose me.

She doesn't love you like I do.
Choose me.

Robyn Williams 2014 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Successful Search Engine Optimisation: Get noticed on the web.

Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance; the 5 P's of success.

Pic courtesy of:

It's all good and well to decide to finally take up writing, but it's not really very productive if no one is accessing our various platforms. 

So, as part of my R&D for this new adventure, I decided I should look into successful blogging; and the processes of Search Engine Optimisation.  After all, I can't ignore the 5 golden P's of success.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Give Your Children A Voice

Let your children express who they are and let them become the person they are meant to be.

Build their self-worth.  Grow their self belief.  Develop their self-efficacy.

Engage in conversations with your child and encourage them to articulate their views; as simplistic and naive or completely ridiculous as they may be.

I grew up voiceless.

That sounds harsh, I know.

But that is what I remember from most of my childhood.
      Not the fun stuff.  I remember feeling anxious about everything.

Don't get me wrong, I did my fair share of being naughty.  And I wasn't locked in a cupboard or kept in a basement or anything physically terrible.  I was just expected to be in the background. 

I was good at it.

And it destroyed my confidence.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

An injustice to our Nation; inequity among our people.

Only when the non-indigenous people of this country start asking the question;

“Why is there such inequity within our communities?”
And only when we ask:
“Why are our migrants settlers able to make a good life here; when our own first peoples struggle?”
Only when people stop turning their back on the social inequity that lie at our feet will we begin to make change.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Utopia Is An Unattainable Aspiration.

Why Utopia Is An Unattainable Aspiration.

Do this experiment; close your eyes for 5 or even 10 minutes.  Now, envision your perfect world.  

How will your day start, what aspects of your day make it perfect in your eyes. 

Consider everything; what are you eating? What car will you be driving-will you even drive? What foods will you be eating? Who are your neighbours?  Do you have neighbours?  Where do you live?  Do you live in a house, or something entirely different?  

Explore all the things you have thought about over time and wished were either different or would actually be implemented. 

Consider what your government would be like, do you even want a government?  Is your government democratic, marxist, communistic?  Do you have a head of state or a president?  

Keep identifying your ideal world until all your ideas are exhausted, or you have run out of time.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Discover Your Income Earning Potential

The Power of Personality Profile Analysis;

​Like it or not, our ability to successfully live an alternative lifestyle, not bound by the "9-5", hinges on our ability to fund ourselves.
The big question though, is HOW.
This is what I have learned so far...​  

Personality is Key;

​In particular, tapping into it.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Is your perfectionism the root of your procrastination?

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in our own heads we end up treading water because the fog is so thick that we can’t find our way forward.

At least that is how I feel allot of the time.

I think too much. I know it.

I try to work out the best ways to do things and then I end up spending so much time researching the how, that I forget to actually go and do.

I think it is a problem that allot of people suffer from. Some people would call it procrastination.
But I am not sure it is that.

Some would say it is fear of failure or even fear of success, and sure, fear may be a symptom but, I feel as though this is another beast altogether.

Really though, I think it is perfectionism at it’s debilitating best.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paper Wings. A poem by Tom Williams

I'm the last person to tell you I'm an angel but still I was given these paper wings and they came with a price.
A burden so heavy that I'm still unable to fly.
Every night I set fire to your house in my dreams; maybe one day I'll actually do it so I will finally look like a bad guy in your eyes.
Maybe then you will stop loving me and I can move on; and you can move on; and we can make this right.
And I know it's just a dream but I used to wish I knew what love felt like; but now I've had love, and now I've lost love, I wish that I never new it at all.

Fortune Teller. A short verse by Tom Williams

Even if I could see into the future, and know that I would one day be back in your arms,It wouldn't matter.I've been asleep for so long, all I right now...chaos in the calm.

Tom Williams